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Tina's and Ian's wedding

How it works?

With Fotny, photographers can easily upload images from events in real-time, making them instantly available for download to visitors' mobile phones. No more waiting for days or weeks for photos to be processed and delivered - with Fotny, you can access high-quality event photos almost immediately. Whether you're a photographer looking for a better way to share your work, or a host trying to share special moments with your guests, Fotny has you covered. Join us today and start making memories!

Share photos real-time

Fotny allows photographers to share high-quality photos with event guests instantly. This eliminates the need for guests to wait for photos to be emailed or sent after the event. With just a few clicks, guests can easily access and download photos to their mobile devices.

Monetize your work

Our pay-to-download feature allows you to set a price for guests to download high-quality images from the event, and our royalty program earns you a percentage of sales from physical photos purchased through our platform.

Reach more audience

By uploading your photos to Fotny, you can showcase your skills and build your brand among a wider audience. Our platform makes it easy to share your work on social media and other channels, allowing you to connect with potential clients and collaborators.

Improve client satisfaction

By offering your customers and their guests a revolutionary set of features, you will stand out and boost client satisfaction. Impress everyone with this cutting-edge technology and enjoy increased satisfaction and loyalty.

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